Our licensed counselors provide services to members of the community who are age 5 and older who are Medicaid eligible in Illinois.  Services may include mental health assessment, treatment plan development, therapy/counseling, crisis intervention, consultation services, and transition linkage and aftercare services.

Counseling services are also available to individuals who receive other services from Gateway Services.  Those who participate have been involved in individual and/or group counseling.

Our goal is to eventually expand this program to serve the general public.

Mike Miroux is a Licensed Clinical Professional.  He completed his clinical counseling training at Heartland Community College.  Mike has worked as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) for Gateway Services.  He earned a Master of Arts in Community Counseling from Saint Xavier University.

Petrita Salazar is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  She is trained in risk assessment for juvenile sex offenders, sex offender treatment, sexual abuse treatment, as well as psychopathology, behavior disorders in juveniles, gang violence, cognitive behavior therapy, and crisis intervention.  Petrita holds a master's degree from Illinois State University.  She has been a licensed therapist since 2006 and worked as a social worker since 1994.  Petrita has worked in a variety of settings including state prisons and not-for-profit organizations, along with mentoring juveniles in the community.  She has experience working with children and adults of all ages.

Shirley Morse Woolley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds a master's degree from Loyola University at Chicago.  She has been counseling in various settings since 2002 with adults and children of differing ages and circumstances.

Haley Fritz is a Mental Health Professional.  She received her Bachelor of Social Work from Illinois State University in 2017 and immediately began working in residential services with boys ranging in ages from 12 - 22.  Haley also has experience working in preschools and with adults.  She continues to receive training in subjects such as peer support, mental health, and substance use disorder.

Our counselors pride themselves on offering individual and group therapies in a safe, confidential, and comfortable environment.

Open Doors Community Counseling is located at:

526 Bureau Valley Pkwy., Ste. B


511 School St.


By Appointment Only.

406 S. Gosse Blvd.

PO Box 535

Princeton, IL 61356


(815) 875-4548

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