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Donation Received from The Sun Foundation

THANK YOU again this year to The Sun Foundation for their generous donation to our day program. This allows individuals the opportunity to continue experiencing a variety of art projects -- something that they truly enjoy and look forward to!

The Sun Foundation announces the Community Arts Access 2018 re granting awards... Funded by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council with National Endowment for the Arts funds and matching local funds.

CAA Marshall/Stark/Bureau/Woodford Awarded Grants for '2018' 1--Association for the Developmentally Disabled of Woodford Co., Eureka--'Piece It Together'--visual art materials—$425 2--Bureau Valley High School, Manlius--'Through the Eyes of Michelangelo'--artist performance--$750 3--Future of Henry Events Committee, Henry --'Brown Bag It'--musician salaries for summer music in park events--$425 4--Gateway Services, Princeton—visual art--$500 5--Henry Community Character Counts!, Henry—Tim Hannig PRO-Kids Show—artist fees--$900 6--Henry Community Character Counts!, Henry—The Artist Residency—college student quartet performing 6 concerts to Henry community--$900 7--Henry Senachwine Grade School, Henry--'Henry's Illinois Bicentennial Story'--artist fees for performance and writing workshop in Jr. High, 4th grade and 8th grade class--$1000 8--Malden CCSD #84--'Art From Here + There, Now and Then'--artist fees to work with K-8 --$1000 9--Ladd CCSD #94, Ladd--'Basic skills, theory and mediums'--artist fees to work with K-8--$1000 10--Learning Stage, Walnut, IL—Camp 56—summer youth theater arts camp--artists' fees--$900 11--Marshall/Putnam/Stark Show Choir, Henry—choral director salary--$900 12--Marshall/Putnam/Stark Show Choir, Henry—choreographer salary—not funded 13--Princeton Public Library, Princeton—'Women's History Month Celebration'--display materials/advertising/printing/postage—not funded 14--Princeton Theater Group (Festival 56)--'Shakespeare in the Park'--Illinois actor fees for summer theater --$900 15--River Valley Players, Henry—Youth Community Theater Summer Camp & Workshop--directors fees $1000 16--Toulon Public Library, Toulon--'Reading Takes You Everywhere'--summer reading program to learn create and perform art—artist fees--$900

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